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Kat Vet offers spay neuter services for cats, dogs, rabbits, pet pigs, male rats, and male guinea pigs!

To schedule a spay neuter appointment, please click here to schedule. Due to limited availability and the high volume of no-shows, deposits are now required to schedule. Thank you for your understanding!

*If you need financial assistance having your cat or dog spayed/neutered, Bissell Pet Foundation provides a discount for those owners in need. Per Kat Vet policy, dogs and cats bought from breeders are not eligible for the Bissell discount. If you are in need, please select the Bissell Pet Foundation discount when scheduling online.*

Download Surgery Forms and Aftercare Instructions HERE (

$60 Per Cat

Feline spay/neuter cost includes:
• Pain management
• Rabies vaccine
• RCP vaccine (thanks to Petco Love)
• Microchip with free registration
• Complimentary ear cleaning and nail trim

Cerenia injection (anti-nausea and additional pain management) is included for all female cats. It may be added for males for $10.

Optional add-ons:
• Revolution Plus for fleas and heartworm prevention - $10
• Profender for roundworms, hookworms, & tapeworms - $10
• Fecal testing - $20
• FeLV testing for $30
• FIV/FeLV/HW testing for $40
• FeLV vaccine - $25 (needs $25 booster in 2-4 weeks)

Cat FAQs
• Kittens can be spayed neutered starting at 6-8 weeks of age
Kittens should be spayed neutered by 5 months of age
• Kittens should be spayed neutered prior to rehoming
• Cats can be spayed while in heat (no extra charge)
• Cats can be spayed while nursing (will continue to produce milk) (no extra charge)
• breeders are not eligible to use our services
• We will fit in pregnant, trapped, or difficult to catch cats any spay neuter day at Kat Vet in Ponchatoula. Limited spots available. Please text us at 985-401-2537 for our available spay neuter dates.


$100 Per Dog 2-49 pounds
$140 per Dog 50-75 pounds


Canine spay/neuter cost includes:
• Extended pain management
• Rabies vaccine
• DA2PP vaccine (thanks to Petco Love)
• Microchip with free registration
• Complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning as needed

Strongly recommend a cerenia injection for female dogs as an anti-nausea and additional pain management ($1 per pound - $50 maximum). Can be added-on for male dogs as well.

Optional add-ons for all dogs:
• Cone/e-collar - $20
• Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine - $20
• Fecal testing - $20

Optional add-ons for dogs that are at least 6 months old:
• Heartworm test - $20
• Proheart 12 injection (twelve month heartworm prevention) - price based on weight ($40-$110)
• Topical Bravecto (3 month flea & tick prevention) - price based on weight ($30-60)

Dog FAQs
• We recommend dogs being spayed/neutered between 2 and 5 months of age
• Spaying before the first heat cycle reduces the risk of mammary cancer by 90% and the risk of pyometra (infected uterus that could lead to death) by 100%
• Female dogs can be spayed when in heat or pregnant (no extra charge)
• There is no reason to breed dogs with the number of homeless animals in our area
• Breeders are not eligible to use our services
• If both of your dog's testicles are not present/dropped/descended, please schedule your dog for a female dog appointment (extra $30-50 charge)

$100 Per Rabbit
Minimum age 4 months

Rabbit spay/neuter cost** includes:
• Spay/neuter
• Pain management
• Microchip with free registration
• Ear cleaning
• Nail trim

Optional add-ons:
• Application of topical selemectin for flea and ear mite prevention for one month for $10

Rabbit FAQs
• Bunnies should be spayed/neutered around 4 months of age.
• Spaying females significantly reduces their risk of mammary cancer.
• Spayed/neutered rabbits make better pets!
• Spaying & neutering improves literbox usage and helps decrease hormonal behaviors!

**If you need financial assistance having your rabbit spayed/neutered Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue may be able to provide a voucher to help with the cost - please click on the link for more info on how to obtain a voucher.


• $200 per pet pig (must be less than 40 pounds) includes spay/neuter, pain management, and microchip with free registration.

• $100 per male rat or male guinea pig includes neuter, pain management, microchip with free registration, and nail trim.

• Please send us a Facebook message to schedule spay neuter for your pet guinea pig, rat, or pig!

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